Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jannah's Beads


Here are my collections of Jannah's Beads Bracelet...Its also a tasbih with 33 beads,so you won't find trouble miss placed your Tasbih while you are in Masjid or Surau. It can be a very useful gifts for anybody and you can still do your zikir at anytime and anywhere coz you can wear your tasbih on your hands as bracelet. if you interested to purchase this bracelet kindly email me at or Its only RM20 each.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Love said NO!!

Its funny when someone can break your heart but u still can love them with all the little pieces.

I can't completely let go of u ....Let go of us!!All i can say is I Love U..I know you don't want to hear it but it makes no sense to pretend i don't miss u with of me.
Things gets easier but will never with you..i'll cry less but the pain will still be there.The love we shared and gave to each other will always remain in my heart forever..

I just wanted to say ....I missed U!!

Empty words....

Help me to forget you like u did to me!!

If i hurt him what he would do more then this to me?
On the other hand all my life i've never took half of what i've given to him.
he wanted to kill me and rest while i was hurt..
He didn't see anything but goodness and tenderness from me..
If i were to die it would be much better than to go thru with it..
I'm scared if he knows what he meant to me when he leaves..
In the end it doesn't matter to me and i'm losing a thing..
In the end i know i'm the winner..
The day will soon come and i'll forget..and may be if i was still with him i'd be living regretfully..
If it was my fault tell what was my fault? what did i do? Its natural if u love someone you trust them..
There's no point of talking, what's the used? its over!!
I guess now he's living his life..and it doesn't matter to him ,what was in his past.
i'm not going to stop my life because the world is still full of good people.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Its not Goodbye...

Now what if I never kiss your lips again
or feel the touch of your sweet embrace.
How would I ever go on?
Without you there’s no place to belong
Well someday love is going to lead you back to me
but till it does I'll have an empty heart
So I'll just have to believe
somewhere out there you're thinking of me

Until the day I let you go,
Until we say our next hello
It's not goodbye.
Till I see you again
I'll be right here remembering when
And if time is on our side
there will be no tears to cry on down the road
there is one thing I can't deny
It's not goodbye

You'd think I'd be strong enough to make it trough
and rise above when the rain falls down
But its so hard to be strong
when you've been missing somebody so long
It's just a matter of time I'm sure
but time takes time and I can't hold on
so wont you try as hard as you can
to put my broken hearth together again?

Obokuri Eeumi - Ikue Asazaki

Arayashikiku no dei - (in search of a new land)
Harasaku baku no dei - (let's build a new house)
Hare fushigyurasa nejyuku - (by neatly gathering hay)
Surajifushiro yondo - (to thatch the roof)
Hare fushigyurasa nejyuku - (by neatly gathering hay)
Fushigyurasa nejyuku - (neatly gathering hay)
Surajifusero yondo - (to thatch the roof)

Kirishigaki ku no dei - (at the stone walls)
Kuganeya be tatei tei - (let's celebrate the golden house)
Hare momo tobyuru wakya - (that was built)
Ya uriba yuwa o yondo - (by a hundred carpenters)
Hare momo to byuru wakya - (that was built)
Momo to byuru wakya - (was built)
Ya uriba yuwa o yondo - (by a hundred carpenters)

Hateigachi ya naryuri - (august draws near)
Tobibani ya neranu - (but i have nothing to wear)
Hare utou katabani - (i want to dress up)
Ya karachitabore - (brothers, lend me a sleeve)
Hitotsu aru bani ya - (i want to dress the children and those i love)
Kanasha se ni kusuitei - (with the single kimono i own)
Hare wanu ya okuyama - (i will wear vines)
Nu kazuradasuki - (that i picked deep within the mountains)

Ojyuugoya no teiki ya - (the full moon shines)
Kami gyurasa teryuri - (far and wide like the gods)
Hare kana ga jyo ni tataba kumo tei taborei - (when my lover comes to visit, i wish the clouds would hide it a little)

A Journey Of The Heart

Angels in Islam..... Subhanallah!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sweet lullaby....

p/s: always gonna be my favourite love song...

Friday, October 16, 2009

U are so hard to forget...don't remind me..

p/s: i'm not over you...what's wrong with my heart!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

O Allah....i surrender, i redha...

In the name of Allah The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful...

i surrender everything to have the chance to live again...Oh i wish he could understand my situations..i wish he could hold back his thoughtless words...they are killing me right now...everyday i can't get those painfull words out from my head..O Allah please heal this broken heart.

How could an angel breaks my heart?

Best quotes..

Silence is the best reply to a fool,

Humility is the outcome of knowledge,

Forgiveness is the crown of greatness,

To assist the wrong is to oppress the right,

Friendship is impossible with a liar,

Enmity is the occupation of fools,

Pride blocks progress and damages greatness,

Boasting issues from small minds,

None is more respected than a pious person,

Your tongue will speak out what it is accustomed to,

One's behaviour is the index to one's mind.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Healing the broken heart


O Allah.... Grant me serenity to pray for Your forgiveness
Grant me strength to heal my broken heart
Grant me patience to wait for Your guidance
Grant me courage to speak out and stand for the truth
Grant me peace to think of the best solution and...
Grant me 'Redha'to open-heartedly accept my fate O Allah...
Please don't leave your servant at the crossroads
Tearing apart between Obedience and ambition O Allah...
Please don't desert me in nowhere
In seeking for Your Satisfaction
In my effort to be the good wife of my husband
O Allah...Please don't discard me from Your Blessings
In this journey of life
Endeavoring hardships to reach Your Jannah
O Allah...
This pain inside is unbearable
This grief inside is inconsolable
This broken heart is incurable But Allah...
I'm holding tighter to my faith
Steadfastly praying to change my fate For I believe
In Your Mercy and Love
For I believe
In Your Grace and Care
To cure
This inconsolable heart

My speechless words...

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful...


Rasul Allah, sal Allah alayhi wa sallam, said, "A believing man should not hate a believing woman. If he dislikes one of her characteristics, he will be pleased with (her other characteristics)."
- Sahih Muslim, Hadith 705

[Lessons from this Hadith]

Focus on what's positive! That which is positive is infinite,and in focusing on it, we are focusing on that which will bring joy to our life. For the next seven days, ask yourself this question at the end of each day, "What are 10 beautiful things that happened to me today?"

Allah's Messenger, sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, said, "You will
be treated the way you treat others."

[Lessons from this Hadith]
Everyone goes around whining that they want to be respected.
But, honestly, how much respect do we serve out to others? Make
a list of all the different ways you want to be treated. When
you are done, you will have a to-do list of how you should treat
people. You've succeeded: you'll be treated back the way you
treated people!

Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm not SAD

I am not sad i thank allah for all that he has provided me with.

i am not sad but indeed i am scared you know why?

i fear ALLAH swt the day when we are gona be buried. the day when we are gona be resurrected and day of judgement will arrive and we cant hide.
theres only 2 paths- hell or paradise .

i pray and repent every night so i may be saved from the hell fire and am allowed to enter paradise by allah permission inshallah. w salam.

The one who has a broken heart..

To the one who has a broken heart……cry if you want to cry….that really human… But you shouldn’t feel the world end….Don’t let your heart in trouble with revenge… but make that as a precious experience, a time to gain your closeness to The Owner of your heart [Allah subhana wata’ala] to share Him every single of your pains… The One and the only One who will understand you in every deep, every piece of your heart… The One who will never judge you and tell how stupid, silly and idiot you are….

A great person……A strong person… always cry in front of Him…. Every drop of tear in your prays to Him will relief your heart, will heal your broken heart… will clean your soul and will liberate you life…..

Allah put you in that situation must be for reason. Allah must want make you learn to respect more about your life…. perhaps Allah wants to test your patience… Allah wants to remind you… or perhaps that calamity for pay your owe because of some particular sins you did [because sins are owe that we have to pay someday…]….

If you decide to involve in things… there are must be the consequences…. Consequences that have to be considered at very first before steps in one adventure…. At least ready to responsible to every step of your actions….. and get hurt that one of the consequences….

The pain that you feel will make you respect your life, a precious experience that caste you become a compassion person…. teach you if you cant do the same to other…because you already known how it feel… you will have a gift to help other to remind them from heart to not experience the same pain like yours….

In the same time, you should ask yourself about your sincerity…. Did you really base your action in sincerity… You should ask ...what wrong with you intentions…. If you do something for the sake of Allah why you feel hurt and pain if things not go like what you dream?

If someone hurt you… that a precious time where Allah will answer every of your pray [ Allah will answer pray of people who are oppressed]…. That also a precious time to gain big reward by forgive and pray every good thing for ones who hurt you….

When we feel other did hurt us and oppressed us, be careful with our prays because Rasulullah SAW said "Be afraid, from the curse of the oppressed as there is no screen between his invocation and Allah." [HR BUKHARI] , sometimes in anger we tend to prays bad things happened to the oppressors.

What if Allah answers that pray [ in fact perhaps the one who hurt us are our dear ones ...our close friends, parents, relatives or people that we love… ].

Each time of painful words, actions of that person haunting in your mind... each time tear drops... each time your feel the same bitterness and pains.......Never forget to ask forgiveness for the person who hurt you…force your lips to pray for his/her goodness.... to ask forgiveness for him/her...........Because each time you feel that pains...that person also get more sins of hurting you......

They would get the consequence of their bad deeds to Allah subhana wata'ala .... Forgiveness with help you to cure your heart.... May Allah will record that as the righteous deeds, insyaAllah…

Indeed it’s very difficult to forgive when we are be a victim…indeed it’s difficult to forgive when our heart hurt… difficult to be sincere when our heart sick… But it’s a journey….. the jannah not that easy to gain…. .

Finally…. As far what you did based on sincerity…. As far you have tried your best whole heartly…. If things not work… remember Allah must have other plans… better plan…. insyaAllah…. Please forgive and forget…. This will help you a lot… insyaAllah….

Wallahu alam bishshowab…..

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Words can do,what weapons cannot..


O Allah! I ask you a blessing that does not end,contentment that never ceases,knolwedge which is beneficial, sustenance which is good,deeds which are acceptable and acceptance of your decree.

Learn the art of speaking from the the best speech of the best sustainer in the form of the best book i.e Qur'an. ~Hamid

1)Qaulam Baleega(An-Nisa:63)- Tell the touching words.
"Those men,-(Allah) knows what is in their hearts; so keep clear of them, but admonish them, and speak to them a word to reach their very souls"

2)Qaulam Ma'roofa(Al-Ahzaab:32)-Tell the high quality words.
"O ye wives of the Prophet! Ye are not like any other women. If ye keep your duty (to Allah), then be not soft of speech, lest he in whose heart is a disease aspire (to you), but utter customary speech"

3)Qaulam Kareema(Al-Isra:23)-Tell polite words.
"Thy Lord hath decreed, that ye worship none save Him, and (that ye show) kindness to parents. If one of them or both of them attain old age with thee, say not "Fie" unto them nor repulse them, but speak unto them a gracious word"

4)Qaulal Layyina(Taha:44)-Tell the gentle words.
"And speak unto him a gentle word, that peradventure he may heed or fear"

5)Qaulam Mysoora(Al-Isra:28)-Tell the good words.
"But if thou turn away from them, seeking mercy from thy Lord, for which thou hopest, then speak unto them a reasonable word"

6)Qaulan Sadeeda(Al-Ahzaab:70)-Tell the truth.
"O ye who believe! Guard your duty to Allah, and speak words straight to the point;"

Major shock!!!


The 2009 Sumatra earthquakes occurred just off the southern coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. The major shock hit at 17:16:10 local time on September 30, 2009 (10:16:10 UTC)[4] and had a moment magnitude of 7.9.

The major shock hit at 17:16!!!!17:16!!

The 17th Surah in Al Quran is Surah Al Isra,
and the 16th verse are

"When We decide to destroy a population, We (first) send a definite order to those among them who are given the good things of this life and yet transgress; so that the word is proved true against them: then (it is) We destroy them utterly"

Subhanallah!!! Allah hu Akhbar!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Umrah 2009 - Part II

Quba mosque, Madinah


Lailatul Qadar nite in Mecca, Subhanallah so many people that nite.

So many people entering and praying at Safa and Marwah's enterance. Subhanallah!!

This was taken on the eve of Eid Mubarak

After Eid Mubarak's prayer

Umrah 2009 - Part I


How r u guys doing? Its been a while i didn't update my blog...Well, a) i have a lot of things to do lately... and b) i was busy preparing my Umrah trip!! Alhamdulilah...i'm back!! and c) my internet server are driving me crazy!!! :P

Anyway, Alhamdulilah...i did my Ramadan Umrah safely and peacefully... i've learned a lot from this very trip!! Subhanallah... Allah is The Greatest!! He gaves me the most memorable experience so that i will keep remind myself to be honest and sincere in whatever i do in life or to human being.

Well, i'll try my best to show u guys some pictures i've taken during my Ramadan Umrah's trip...

My sister and my lovely niece Yasmin and nephew Adam

The enterance for ladies in Masjidil Nabawi, Madinah

'The Umbrella' at Masjidil Nabawi, Madinah

Masjidil Nabawi dan i

At Jabal Uhud

Masjidil Nabawi at night

Masjidil Haram, Mekah - This is view from my hotel

Me and my Qiblat. Subhanallah!!!